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Your Walk Is Your Walk

Let’s just keep it real for a second – being a Christian is hard at times.

Don’t be shy, you know where I’m coming from….

Especially when we are looking all around us, seeing “Super Christians.” You know who I’m talking about. That guy at church who always looks super excited to be there. That woman who always flawlessly says the prayer at public events. That girl you go to school with who has a perfect Scripture reference for everything.

To us, these people are amazing because it seems like they have it all together. They are completely in love with Christ and sold all the way out. They know just what to say and seem to be so connected to the Holy Spirit. And they have a solid prayer life, along with a disciplined study schedule. They’re the Christians we want to be…

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Jessica Starks

Jessica Starks is a Social Media & Content Strategist, as well as a blogger at The Pen & the Needle. When Jessica isn’t working, she loves reading,
writing, and watching old movies. Jessica’s goal is to inspire other Christians to push forward and pursue Christ.

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