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The Loft Forward brings in the New Year BEYOND expectations in Atlanta

To ring in the New Year right, the Loft Forward ( The Loft) hosted its second annual New Year’s Celebration entitled, “BEYOND.”

The celebration, hosted by Matthew Hudson and Shandae Pressley, took place at the DeFloor Center in Atlanta.

Lauren Ward with the help of her sister, Kristan Ward and close friends, established the Loft Forward in March 2015.

“The Loft was started with a purpose of bringing young men and women together in spiritual worship with God in a unique way,”Ward said. “We care about your Saturday nights and that’s when we always have Loft events.”

Before the clock struck 12, Pastor LaBryant Friend of All Nations Worship Assembly delivered a message on letting go of the past and moving forward in the future and led the audience in prayer before a countdown into 2018.

In addition to live music and Atlanta’s own rap artist,1K Phew, the event included photography, a live skit and a live art gallery. Outside of the party room, guests enjoyed a lounge and minibar where they were able to socialize with others who were in attendance at the party.

“I like it, I always enjoy attending the Loft events” said guest Tatiana Howell. When it comes to bringing in the New Year, Howell believes God has great things instore for her. “I expect my businesses to flourish, get closer to God and develop personal growth,” she said.

Justin Kennedy, new attendant of the Loft, is excited of what this New Year hold as well. “I definitely expect God to move,” Kennedy said. I feel like this generation is serious about transforming themselves from being a real Christian to a real disciple of Jesus and it’s about to be powerful”

With packed house of millennials in attendance of the Loft New Year Celebration, Ward says she was grateful for the turn out. “People really got to experience God,” Ward said. “We wanted people to be able to hear how they could be successful in this next year, how they could move forward in this next year– and I think the success to me, and even for our team, is that people got to experience God.”

The Loft has more to offer in 2018 that provide guests with a chance to experience God, profound connections

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