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“The Life” vs God’s Purpose: Ty’s Changed Moment

Ty Jackson knew who God was and grew up in church, but was still doing worldly things that she thought were acceptable. All of that changed until God gave her a newsflash.

“You have a religion, not a relationship.”

In order to change her life and give her whole life to God, Ty knew that she had to take things seriously, which included eliminating things in her life that she knew would hold her back from pursuing her purpose. When she finally decided to give herself completely to Jesus, she was restored and happier than she’s ever been!

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To learn more about CHANGED.Moment, check out their website, subscribe to them on YouTube, or follow them on  Instagram, and Twitter!

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CHANGED. A platform for young adults to share their testimony with the world, show that it is still possible to have an honest walk with God, and inspire other young people to pursue Christ for themselves.

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