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Surviving Heartbreak: Lydia’s Story

Lydia came from a house affected by divorce and always thought that she would never find herself in a situation where she would have children and raise them in a one-parent home; however, when Lydia become pregnant by her longtime boyfriend, their once fairytale relationship would turn into a nightmare.

What initially was a positive and supportive relationship with her sons’ father quickly turned into a toxic relationship that was not healthy for their twin boys. Despite all of that, Lydia and her boyfriend remained together. However, Lydia reached her breaking point when she discovered that her boyfriend of 8 years had cheated on her and was having a baby with someone else. This news sent Lydia down a dark path of depression and suicidal thoughts and it wasn’t until she found God again that she would be able to climb out of the pit she had been in for so long.

Check out Lydia’s story:

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