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Q&A: Christian Rapper B-Wise talks Atlanta, Free Life, Canton Jones

by Stautcia Singletary

Atlanta’s own Christian rapper B-Wise joined Stautcia for REFRESH’s interactive Q&A. Check it out!

Q: How was your life before you moved to Atlanta?

A: It was quite different, I will tell you that. I got saved back in 2001. I was 17 or so at the time. I was living in Asheville, North Carolina.  I moved to Atlanta in 2010. I’ll just go back. Before my life with Christ, I used to sell drugs in the streets, you know just run around doing a lot of things teenagers do. The only thing I probably didn’t do was smoke or drink or whatever, but I did use to sell drugs. I’m not proud of that, but I do want to tell my testimony you know. I was out there trying to get money, I was influenced by the music and culture I was around and grew up in. I just wanted to you know, shine. Basically, it was God’s desire for me to be entrepreneurial and wealthy, but the enemy’s desire was to pervert that and change it. So basically, he wanted me to go down a path of destruction. You see what I’m saying, so I was trying to express what God put in me but got tricked into the wrong path. It’s not worth it. Anything that you really feel convicted about in your spirit and feel it’s not right, you know it’s probably more than likely God speaking to you. You know just chasing girls and running around the streets stuff like that, but when I gave my life to Christ it was just amazing. Basically, I felt like the blinders were lifted off of my eyes and I started seeing the world for what it really is, who the real enemy is, and the side I was on. Now, I’m on God’s side. 

Q: What made you decide to move to Atlanta?

A: I just saw bigger and greater opportunities. It’s a growing city. Atlanta’s known for being Hotlanta.  My dad inspired me to move, and at the time I had gone through a breakup, that really inspired me to move, to be honest with you. By me knowing that there are greater opportunities, especially after the breakup, and just different things that happened in my life; it was really an encouragement for me to move. Since I got here, it’s just been on. As soon as I got here doors of opportunity opened, a lot of ministry doors, business doors, I wanted to expand in the business world and learn more. Basically, there are a lot of movers and shakers down here, and I needed to be in that environment, so that’s what made me move. Plus, one of my friends, Chance the Artist, he moved down here too. He moved down here to a week before I did. We’re both from Asheville and he really inspired me. 

Q: What would you suggest to millennials moving forward?

A: Let the word of God be your foundation of everything. Study it, read it, pray every day, clear your mind and flush your mind of everything that the world teaches you because what happens is when you get more freedom the devil comes to tempt you with all kind of stuff to throw you off. If you really want to achieve your goals that you set to get in college for like your degrees and other ventures that you want to do, don’t get thrown off by everything and what everybody else is doing. Stay focused. I definitely would not suggest getting caught up in the parties and stuff. I mean it’s cool to go to parties but to be caught up in what they’re doing and you know. I would definitely not suggest any drugs or alcohol just to be honest with you straight up because a lot of the time that stuff pulls you in and reels you into another path of destruction just to be honest with you. Have fun but there are other ways to have fun you know without getting yourself in trouble. You know they say you only live once; well really you only live twice. You know you have a life on earth and then you have a life in eternity. So you don’t want to end up in the wrong place in eternity and you don’t want to live your life with regrets. So don’t get caught up in what everybody else is doing. Have fun, do your own path, be a leader, not a follower, and learn from people who have achieved your goals and learn from them. Ask them what to do, what to avoid, and what to look forward to, what to go for.  I would definitely say focus on your goals. You know you will have time to have fun and you will have time to do everything you want to do. But, focus on your goals and don’t get caught up in a lot of these temptations around because it’s nothing but a distraction to distract you from the track of your goal. That’s what I would encourage you to do.

Q: How is it working with Canton Jones? 

A:  It’s been phenomenal working with Canton Jones. He’s a very humble guy, has a heart to serve, heart to reach the community, you know, to reach the hoods, and just really reach everybody you know, bring them from darkness to light. I had a song called, “Trinity” that I wrote last year and he got on the remix of it. So it’s called, “Trinity remix featuring Canton Jones.” “Trinity” is just talking about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit. And it’s based on that scripture 1 John 5:7 which says “that there are 3 that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost and these 3 are 1,” and that’s what it’s based on. Jesus is called the word in the book of John chapter 1, he is the word. Basically, it’s based off of that, it’s explaining the Trinity. A lot of people don’t know what the trinity is so I feel like it’s our job to teach this generation what it is. 

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