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My Life as a Christian in Brazil

by Erica Rios

When you think of Brazil, what comes to mind? In my country, we are famous for soccer, Samba dancing and our main attraction– the Christ the Redeemer statue. However, some Brazilians are so passionate about these minor attractions that their minds began to revolve around them.

The video  you are about to see is a reminder that  being excited about something or someone is not necessarily  bad , but it should never consume you. Jesus is the only one that you should be passionate about and the center of your life.

In the future, I will present other aspects of the Brazilian culture and explain how those aspects affect the way one relates to God. In addition, I will present different point of views about Christian life by sharing my story and stories of others who live in Brazil.

Despite the differences between Brazil and America, Christianity is the main source that unites us with a passion for Christ. Therefore, my ultimate goal is to be a source of growth to your relationship with Him. 

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Erica dos Santos Rios

Erica dos Santos Rios is a resident of Brazil who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Statistics. Erica using her writing talents to participate in her church’s activities and also occasionally evangelizes at her university. In her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends, rollerblading and watching TV. Erica seeks to help other Christians in their daily walk through her writing.

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