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Millennials Encounter with Christ at the 2017 Revolution Fusion Conference

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated and originally appeared in the April 2016 edition of  Christians in College.

Arms stretched wide as heads held high. Eyes closed and tears streamed down the rounds of young faces as they anticipated a sure touch from the Lord. This supernatural experience was one of many that took place earlier this month during a three-day event, “The Revolution Fusion Conference: More Than A Survivor.”

The conference, held at the Cathedral of Faith, Church of God in Christ, was hosted by the leader of the college and young adult ministry, Joshua Rodgers.

FUSION was officially established in August 2012 as a college ministry. It was later expanded in 2013 to include young adults that were not in college

“FUSION, in the spirit of excellence, seeks to provide an atmosphere where college students and young adults can excel spiritually, socially, culturally and academically,” Rodgers said.”We are wholeheartedly committed to producing, praising and prospering.”

Kicking-off on Friday evening,  the event featured guest artist, Chandler Moore and speaker of the hour was Rodgers.

Joshua Rodgers speaks on

Joshua Rodgers speaks on “Revival or Riot.” Photo credited by: @fusion_cof via Instagram

Olisha Booker, quality chemist of Alchemix Corporation and first-time attendee of the conference, says Rodgers’s message, “Revival or Riot” was truly inspiring and mind blowing.

“As millennials,  we are not always seen as the now generation ,which is what made his message even more important,” Booker said. “As believers of Christ it is our duty to stand strong in faith and keep believing.  Be a warrior and ambassador for Christ to witness to others so that souls may be saved.”

On Saturday, young adults were given the opportunity to section off into various groups, to receive encouraging words on how to maintain a relationship as a Christian, manage a business and be financially stable. Speakers throughout the day included, Pastor LaBryant Friend, Christina Murray, Bryan Haire, Pastor Jay Patrick, Octavia Rodgers and Pastor Michael Worthan. That evening, the comedian group Church of Laugh, performed.  

As a first-time designated speaker and third-year attendee of the conference, Octavia says she was encouraged by watching many people flow in their own unique way in each workshop.

“To me the whole atmosphere at FUSION was one that promoted [spiritual]  gifts, so it was easy for me to get up, teach and be 100 percent me,” Octavia said.

Octavia Rodgers expounds on financial stability. Photo credited by: @fusion_cof via Instagram

In regards to her most memorable moment, Octavia says Pastor Patrick was phenomenal.

“He spoke on leadership and emphasized the importance of “stirring and stillness.”He pointed out how sometimes millennials are great at “stirring” or “shaking things up,” but not-so-great at “stillness”,” she said.“As I sat in his class, I literally felt God open my eyes to the beauty and need for both the old and new generations. He shared  much wisdom.”

To close the conference Sunday, pastor of the Anchor and chaplain of the Atlanta Falcons, Daniel Gray, brought a sure Word on how God is never changing.

Pastor Daniel Gray speaks on how God is never changing. Photo credited by: @fusion_cof via Instagram

For more information on FUSION  connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @fusion_cof.

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