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How to Stay Christian in College

by John Piper

Local college students return to class in a few days, and as the fall semester begins, we have an email from an incoming freshman named Sharon. “Dear Pastor John, I graduated from high school this summer, and I will be moving across the country to attend college this fall. It troubles me because I have seen many kids who stopped going to church and gave up their relationship with God after they moved out and moved to campus. Do you have any advice for me as to how to stay close to God despite all the distractions and temptations that come with campus life? How do I continue to grow spiritually? How do I balance time for school and time for God? Thank you, Pastor John!”

This is such a good question. I wish every high school graduate who’s heading off to college or university would be thinking this way and asking this question.

Let me say a word to Sharon and to all of them in the hope of being of some service to this generation of younger Christians who are heading off to school. I’ll limit myself to five words of counsel which, of course, will leave many specifics unanswered. I think these five have the effect of enabling students, if they accept them, to answer the other specifics as they arise.

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