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How to Make the Most of Your Vacation!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word vacation? Resting, having fun? Traveling is a life enriching experience! You always meet new people and learn more about other cultures. You discover more about yourself and people close to you. Although, these things are true, trips do not always go as planned. Below are a few tips that will help you make the most of your vacation.

Leave your worries at home!

In October, I had the opportunity to travel to New York City with my parents and my sister. Although, we were all happy with this trip, my father was definitely the most excited about it. His motto was, “I’m on vacation.” My father’s job is very stressful, so by that sentence, he meant he wouldn’t stress about small unexpected events during our trip. For me, his motto meant I had to stop worrying about the million things I still had to do to get my master’s degree. Therefore, while traveling, whenever it is possible, leave your worries at home.

Slow down!

In our daily lives we are always rushing to attend many commitments and run many errands, so why should we rush while on vacation? While traveling, allow yourself to slow down and take time to relax. Do not try to see all the attractions, choose a few and spent more time enjoying each one.

Help others!

Helping others makes  life better. For me, the hardest moment to help is when I am tired and I need to do a small thing for a family member. However, during those moments, I remind myself that my family is probably as tired as I am or even more, so I have to make an effort to help them. Therefore, whether the person is traveling with you or it is a strange, help them if you can. After all, you never know when you will need to rely on someone elses help.

Be patient to others!

Riding a car outside Brazil can be a little tricky for my father. So, my sister and I always stay at his side reading the traffic signs and helping him not to lose the right exit ramp off a highway. However, one day I got so frustrated while we were trying to find a place that I eventually started crying and yelling at my father. That situation reminded me of the Bible verse below:

“Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.”(Proverbs 14:29)

Just like the proverb above says, I was impatient with my father and my attitude towards him was foolish and really didn’t help to solve the situation, just made it worst. So do not be a fool like me, be patient with the ones that are around you and try to remain calm when unexpected things happen while traveling.

In summary, it doesn’t matter if you are traveling with your family or with a close friend. Keep in mind that people are different from you and you will not always want the same thing. For example, maybe you like to walk a lot and the person you are traveling with like to stay in. Well, it doesn’t matter the differences you have, try your best to plan a trip itinerary that everybody will enjoy.

Besides that, do not forget that the Holy Spirit is not on vacation like you, so ask Him to help you deal better with unexpected situations and invite Him to participate with you in the moments of joy. After all, two specials moments of my trip was looking to a beautiful landscape and acknowledging God’s creations, and visiting a cathedral and remembering the sacrifice Jesus did for me. So, the last and best tip on how you can make the most of your vacation is inviting Him to come along!

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Erica dos Santos Rios

Erica dos Santos Rios is a resident of Brazil who is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Statistics. Erica using her writing talents to participate in her church's activities and also occasionally evangelizes at her university. In her free time, she likes hanging out with her friends, rollerblading and watching TV. Erica seeks to help other Christians in their daily walk through her writing.

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