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How Should We Meditate On God?

When classes are overbearing and work becomes too much, what do you to take the load off? Do you hang out with friends, hit the gym or watch your favorite TV Show? While none of these opinions are bad, the best way to ease your mind and let go of off all that is bothering you is to meditate on and in the presence of God.

In Stephen Simpson’s article, “How to Meditate on God,” he informs readers that a Godly mindset in needed before beginning the process. To see how much of a Godly mindset you have click here.

Once your mindset on the things of God which are “true,  honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and/or praiseworthy” (Philip 4:8), God’s peace will cover you and you will be ready to communion with Him.

Here are a few of the tips Simpson shares with us that can be used to  meditate on while in God’s presence:

  • The things God has done for us and others we know
  • The holiness and perfection of God
  • The Beauty of Christ
  • Our meeting with God after our life here is complete
  • Our eternal fellowship which we will have with Him
  • The meaning/application of any specific passage of scripture
  • Anything God has just taught us or made us aware of
  • Questions regarding the will of God
  • The salvation He has given us
  • The life He has freed us from

Now that you are aware of how to meditate on God’s Word, know that you can do it any time of the day! Simpson informs us that meditation can be done both on planned, pre arranged times and informally or whenever your mind is free. Below are a few ways to do so:

  • During your morning quiet time
  • While you do household chores or waiting for something
  • While you drive to work
  • While you are waiting to sleep
  • When you wake in the middle of the night

Although it takes practice and a willing mind, if you are truly ready to seek God, to change your mindset is essential. If you would like to know how to change your mindset to a Godly one click here.

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