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Here’s the Real Reason REFRESH Took a Break

“Something’s got to give,” I thought to myself one Friday evening as I watched the polls drop once again on the REFRESH Magazine website. “ How can a business ordained by God not be flourishing?”

For the past few months, it seemed as if everything had gone downhill for REFRESH– the company God insisted I began back in July 2016. From money being lost in bad business deals to subscribers unsubscribing on the website and social media, I had truly had enough.

“God, what’s up?” I cried aloud,  slamming my laptop shut. “I thought this business was for me to shine and tell people about you. What gives?” In despair and sadness, I waited for His response and sure enough, it came. “It’s not me, it’s you,” said the Lord. “Instead of focusing on me, your mind has been elsewhere. Your spirit woman needs to be feed and your seeds need to become trees.” “My daughter,” He carried on, “ as a Christian, the life you live should not be an act, but a lifestyle .”

Receiving the revelation God had given me, while browsing YouTube that night, I ran across a powerful message from Pastor Toure Roberts titled, “The Breakthrough” and felt the sudden urge to check it out.  One hour later, filled with great joy and happiness, God suggested I take on a spiritual fast by sustaining myself from social media and anything connected to REFRESH and provide Him with my undivided attention.

Willing to take on the challenge, on September 17, I began the journey of my new life. No longer would I abide by my own rules, but be obedient and follow the rules of God. I wish I could say this journey is a piece of cake and easy, but in all honesty, it is not.

Although REFRESH is back up and running, my perspective on how to run a God-ordained business is different.  Every day my faith is tested and I am granted a challenge. Nevertheless, I continue to move forward because I am aware that He has something great for me and He will continue to bless me exceedingly, abundantly and above.

During this transition, God has allowed me to get more in tune with His Word, connected with His people and has revealed to me even more of what He wants me to do for His Kingdom while here on Earth. It truly blows my mind when I think of what He has in store for me.

So surely, join me as I carry out this journey to refresh and be the woman of God has truly called me to be.

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Erica Relaford is the founder of As a strong woman of God, Erica is willing to spread the Gospel to all who walk in her path . Outside of her career as a teacher, mentor and motivational speaker, in her free time, Erica loves to travel, cook and spend time with family and friends.

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