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How to Discover Your Spirituals Gifts

by Clinton Williams JR

Have you ever seen gifts under the Christmas tree and wondered what is inside? Have you ever left those gifts unopened and simply sat them to the side? Well, like those Christmas gifts, we all have special gifts, spiritual gifts, that we are granted as children of Christ and we should definitely not leave them unopened!

What are spiritual gifts?

Spiritual gifts are discussed as inherent abilities, ordained by God for the benefit and utilization of the body of Christ. These abilities vary, and some individuals may be stronger in one area than another, but no ability is better than another. As members of the body of Christ, we all have a significant function within the body. Only members of the body of Christ can receive spiritual gifts. God does not grant these gifts to individuals only interested in using them for personal gain.  Spiritual gifts have appeared several times in the Bible, notably in Romans 12:6-8 and 1 Corinthians 12:8-10. From these references, spiritual gifts have been discussed to aid member of the body of Christ in understanding, as well as seeking, their particular role within the body. By doing so, we can focus on what we are meant to do and how to grow with it.

The scripture below describes some of the spiritual gifts referred to in the Bible:  

Romans 12:6-8 refer to the gifts of prophecy, ministry, teaching, exhortation, giving, ruling, and mercy.

  • Prophecy– Being able to speak of the future or what is to come.
  • Ministry/Service– Involves doing anything to aid the body of Christ.
  • Teaching– The ability to explain the bible in a way that is logical, for which others can understand.
  • Exhortation-Being able to encourage others.
  • Giving– Being able to give what you have willingly and happily.
  • Ruling– Being able to lead.
  • Mercy– Aiding those less fortunate.

1 Corinthians 12:8-10 refer to the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, prophecy, and discernment, tongues, and interpretation of tongues.

  • Wisdom– Being able to apply knowledge in the best manner possible.
  • Knowledge– Being able to understand and interpret information.
  • Faith– Having complete trust that God will make a way.
  • Healing– Being able to heal someone who may is suffering.
  • Miracles– Great acts to display the power of God that could not be possible otherwise.
  • Prophecy– Being able to see or anticipate what is to come.
  • Discernment of Spirits– Knowing when something is wholesome and of God or not.
  • Tongues- Being able to speak other languages without prior training.
  • Interpretation of Tongues– Being able to interpret other languages without prior training.

How do I know what my spiritual gifts are?

To understand what our gifts are, we need to develop a strong relationship with God. Engaging in prayer and reading our bible strengthens our relationship to our Father, who ultimately knows all of our gifts. We also need to make ourselves available to be used, for instance, in the church. These gifts were intended for the utilization of church through the body of Christ. The body does not consist of only one part, but a collection of parts that allow the body to live. We need to make ourselves available to the church and our communities. By offering our time and skills, we will begin to understand our role in the body of Christ.

What are your spiritual gifts? Are you leaving your spiritual gifts unopened? Below is a link to a spiritual gifts quiz. It is not meant to be exact. It is more so to aid us in asking the right questions about ourselves and our gifts.

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Clinton Williams

Clinton Williams, Jr. is a graduate student at the University of West Alabama studying Experimental Psychology and also works at the university as a Graduate Assistant in the College of Liberal Arts. Williams is a Christian on a journey to learn how to be a better person and how to be a beacon of light for those lost in the dark.

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