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Don’t Be A Pick-and-Choose Christian

When we make the decision to become followers of Jesus Christ we should no longer look at the Bible as just “some book” but instead guidelines on how we should live our lives.  Should we follow these exact instructions thoroughly?  Short answer, yes.  Long answer, God knows that we are going to get a little off track at times which comes in the form of sin so that is why He set in place repentance.  For those of us that have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we are expected to follow God’s Word which is why reading the Bible as well as having a relationship with Christ is so important.

However, even though we may sin we should not become what I like to call “Pick-and-Choose Christians.” A pick and choose Christian is a person that blatantly decides to follow some of God’s guidelines but not all of them collectively.  A person like this might say that they are going to love their neighbor, but then say they are going to ignore the part of the Bible that says not to steal.  So, they steal and then try to justify their theft.  

No, God’s word does not work this way.  

Now, you may be thinking God knows we are going to sin so why not pick and choose what to obey in the Bible?  Well, the answer is we are going to sin, but we are not supposed to blatantly disregard the rules God has laid out and go against what He says and follow one command over others.  

Since the fall of man, God knew that the creatures He took the time to create would be imperfect because it states in the Bible that we all fall short of the glory of God.  We cannot truly follow Christ if we are going to use the Bible as if it were a buffet picking up what is easiest or convenient or simply what we like and discarding or ignoring what we find to be less desirable.  God doesn’t want a “Pick-and-Choose Christian” because that is like being halfway in and halfway out and when it comes to God it’s all or nothing.

Are you guilty of being a “Pick-and-Choose Christian?”

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Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips is a Washington, DC native and a follower of Jesus Christ. The 32-year old is a graduate of South Carolina State University. You can follow her on her personal blog,

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