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JaNae Harrison: Discovering Jesus for Myself

Have you ever felt so empty and tried everything you could to fill a void? That is exactly what happened to JaNae Harrison, founder of Changed Period, during her journey to Christ.

JaNae’s journey started as an undergraduate at Hampton University back in 2011. Despite attending church all her life, JaNae initially didn’t believe in Jesus.

During her freshman year, JaNae began a history course. While there she quickly concluded that her professor did not believe in Christ. Although she felt the same, the professor struck a nerve in JaNae which lead her on a journey to learn who Jesus Christ truly was and if He truly was real. This is her story.

To learn more about CHANGED.Moment, check out their website, subscribe to them on YouTube, or follow them on  Instagram, and Twitter!

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CHANGED. A platform for young adults to share their testimony with the world, show that it is still possible to have an honest walk with God, and inspire other young people to pursue Christ for themselves.

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