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REFRESH Magazine


REFRESH is the premier lifestyle and faith-inspired magazine. With its motivating and encouraging messages along with compelling and engaging stories, REFRESH is the definitive voice for millennials. REFRESH speaks directly to its readers who have drawn away from Christ or desire to develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

Our Mission

WE ARE a REALISTICALLY RAW and RELATABLE Christian quarterly magazine company set to refresh the weary and enlighten the faint.

Our Vision

Our vision is to EMPOWER the youth and young adults to:

  • DISCOVER a fresh new look on who God is, the significance of His son Jesus Christ and the importance of the Holy Bible.
  • TRANSFORM their mind to understand they no longer have to follow the footsteps of their parents or guardians to relate to God, but they can now build a personal relationship for themselves with Him.
  • IGNITE the flame of God in them that will change the way they ultimately think, live and act in daily situations.

Meet The Team


Erica Relaford, Founder/CEO

Erica is the founder of REFRESH Magazine. A strong woman of God, Erica is willing to spread the Gospel to all who comes in her path. She is a teacher, mentor, and motivational speaker.


Jessica Starks, Online Manager

Jessica Starks is the online manager for REFRESH Magazine and owner of J.D. Scribes. Jessica loves using her God-given talents to help others pursue their professional goals.


Jasmine Lewis, Videographer

Jasmine Lewis is the videographer for REFRESH Magazine, a sales agent for BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS METRO BROKERS REAL ESTATE, and the founder of iEDIT Creations, a video production service designed to create visually appealing and organic content for growing business and organizations, that opens the doors to opportunities to educate and entertain customers and consumers.


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