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A New Year Is Here, but Originality Never Left: 3 Tips On How To Be Yourself

by Rachel Phillips

When the New Year rings in, some people make New Year resolutions for all sorts of reasons.   Some may want to lose weight,  travel more, learn a different language or simply do something they have never done before.  Wanting to better ourselves and change bad habits that hinder us from growing is never a problem, but we can hit a snag with change when we start to cast aside all the traits that make us unique individuals and wanting to be like everyone else.  God created humankind for all of us to be individuals and work collectively for His glory.  

To be a copy of others is to be boring. As human beings we all want to feel accepted and sometimes stepping out to be an individual can often lead to isolation from the crowd.  

Television, movies, magazines, daily social media timelines, and newsfeeds all send signals to us that people should share an ideal size, skin complexion, height, hair color, texture or length, and those people who possess those desirable features should be admired and imitated.

Here are some tips to help those that may be struggling with being and keeping their original selves.

  • Embrace the good, the bad and the imperfections about yourself.  

These are the things that make us unique in every way.  It is only after we fully embrace the person that we are that we can start to appreciate the original mark that we leave on the world even if it is only to a small degree. Understand that this is not just a one-time experience because once a person starts down the road to discovering themselves and their originality it just keeps going.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.  

Comparison can literally kill self-esteem.  Of course, due to the increase of social media, is posting and putting their lives on video to share with the world.  A person who perceives their life as boring or dull can look at other people’s lives.  Based upon social media, their lives may seem like a non-stop party.  Or perhaps another person seems to professionally or romantically “have it all together” or just seems to “have it all” so another person starts to compare their lives.  Keep in mind that sometimes the person that we are comparing ourselves to may have it all together in one or a few areas but are lacking in another area.   Or,  they just do not have it all together at all.  Make sense?

  • Surround yourself with positive people.

You can’t work on being a positive person, and you are constantly surrounded by negativity.  It just will not work.  You will constantly be bombarded with negativity which will not allow for your positivity to flourish. This does not mean that you completely cut negative friends or family members from your life, but, instead, you widen your circle because in doing this you can become a blessing to those negative people you know and turn their lives around.    

These tips may look easier said than done, but we encourage you to be the person that you are; especially for millennials today who are overwhelmed with propaganda to conform to the masses.  It may seem that originality is fading more and more as the days pass, but originality is not fading and cries out in the darkness for more people to be and stay their original selves.


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Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips is a Washington, DC native and a follower of Jesus Christ. The 32-year old is a graduate of South Carolina State University. You can follow her on her personal blog,

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