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4 Books Every Christian Should Read

On a constant basis, Christians are always searching for ways to draw closer to God. Daily devotionals and bible challenges work well in this effort, but books are one way to truly dig deeper into your relationship with Him. Below are four books that will help you draw closer to God and improve your everyday way of living.

Lost & Found by Sarah Jakes

Have you ever felt like you have fallen astray in life and you do not know where to go? Well, this book is for you! Daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes and wife of Pastor Toure Roberts, Sarah Jakes Roberts takes us behind the scenes of her life from being a teen mom to a divorcee in her latest book, “Lost and Found.” Her book express how God is a redeemer and broken pieces make a beautiful puzzle. In addition, it shows the importance of family, love and support. You’ll learn how to welcome your lost loved ones with open arms, like the prodigal son’s father instead of resentment like his brother.


Fervent by Priscilla Shirer

From the movie“War Room,” actress Priscilla Shirer brings us her most recent book, “Fervent.” In this outstanding book, Shirer encourages us to increase in our prayer life. In addition, it allows readers to understand the meaning of Ephesians 6:12, by showing us how to fight the devil who is our true enemy. Shirer \shares with us, how to effectively use the weapon of prayer to fight back. Readers can learn the strategies of the enemy and how to combat them with serious, specific and strategic prayer.


Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

There are times the biggest obstacle we face is in our mind. How can a Christian be a champion if they do not think like a champion? Joyce Meyer walks us through steps to overcome this internal battle. She uses biblical and personal testimonies to give readers a better understanding. “Battlefield of the Mind” will help readers renew their minds to a positive and Christ-like mindset.


Fasting by Jentenzen Franklin


Do you want to fast but don’t know how? Why should believers fast? Fasting isn’t as hard as many people may believe. Readers will explore the importance of fasting with the help of Jentezen Franklin. “Fasting” includes spiritual and health benefits and testimonies of those who have received rewards from fasting.

If you read or have read one of the books above let us know by emailing us at! We would love to post your review on our site!

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Breanna Rittman

Breanna is a sister, daughter and lover of Christ. She has a passion for writing and the gift for giving. In her spare time Breanna enjoys watching “A Different World,” reading, cooking, running her blog “Release with BreAllyse” and coming up with new ways to give to those around her.

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