Allow God to Restore You

Even though you are banished to the ends of the earth,[a] the Lord your God will gather you from there and bring you back again. The Lord your God will return you to the land that belonged to your ancestors, and you will possess that land again. Then he will

Tasha Cobbs Unveils New Single ‘Great God’

Grammy Award winning singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard presented her new single, "Great God," to the public today online for download and streaming. The song's release comes just before the release of her third album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit, which is slated for release later this summer. “Great God," Written by Cobbs Leonard

Why Does God Allow Us to Be Rejected?

Rejection is a horrible thing, and everybody experiences it in some form.  However, what we sometimes fail to realize is that God allows us to be rejected in order to fulfill His plan and follow His purpose! In the video below, Angel Walston of Changed Hearts explains how significant rejection

Is the Golden Rule Really Biblical? 

Have you heard of the Golden Rule?  There are two books in the Bible that address this term. In both Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31 Jesus states, “Do unto others as you would like to have them do unto you,”  Which translates to the "Golden Rule"- to treat others the

Never Say Never: Angela’s Story

Baltimore native Angela had a normal childhood and grew up in a strict household. Like most young girls, Angela dreamed of finding love and having her happy ending. At a young age, Angela witnessed her friends being abused by their boyfriends and vowed to never allow that to happen to

God Desires Your Heart, Not Your Degree

by Kathryn Butler A cardiac surgeon inspired me to pursue medicine when he saved my dad’s life. My father suffered a heart attack just before my eighteenth birthday. I had watched him struggle with kidney disease for years, but I never feared losing him until the day before his cardiac bypass surgery.

Jesus Meets with Jordin

In order to numb the hurt from the crazy chaos of her life, American Idol Season Six winner, Jordin Sparks was the party girl. She needed a temporary fix to get through life. It was last Easter after accepting an invitation to her aunt and uncle’s church, Sparks says it

Are You Transparent?

When we talk about transparency, we typically think about being open and honest with one another, which isn't necessarily wrong; however, one thing that some of us fail to think about is that we also have to be transparent with ourselves. But are we really? Take our short quiz to

Holy Spirit…. Is It You?

The Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost. That still, small voice. Saved or unsaved, everyone has heard of The Holy Spirit....but how do we know it's really The Holy Spirit? Keilah J of Truth in Chaos covers this topic, along with some frequency asked questions about how we hear from The

You’re Not Invisible: Jamahl’s Story

Jamahl had always been different. Despite growing up in one of the toughest projects in Philadelphia, he had plenty of opportunities to turn to gangs, drugs, and violence; however, he dared to be different and go a different route. His choice did not come without obstacles: Jamahl grew up being bullied and