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God Desires Your Heart, Not Your Degree

by Kathryn Butler

A cardiac surgeon inspired me to pursue medicine when he saved my dad’s life.

My father suffered a heart attack just before my eighteenth birthday. I had watched him struggle with kidney disease for years, but I never feared losing him until the day before his cardiac bypass surgery. He was ashen. When I hugged him goodbye, he seemed so frail that I worried he would slip away in my arms.

Instead, he returned home a week later with new vessels shunting blood flow to his heart. His recovery astounded me. As he clutched a pillow to his chest and laughed at Seinfeld episodes, I marveled at the palpable, altruistic way in which his physicians had helped us. They had returned a dying father to his family. I yearned to do the same for others.

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Desiring God
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