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Intimacy With The Devil: Keilah J’s Story

Keilah J of Truth in Chaos  shares her testimony of how she struggled with porn addiction and masturbation even after dedicating  her life to Jesus Christ.  Nevertheless, through prayer and supplication, she explains how she was able to overcome it, with the help of Christ. Keilah's testimony shows us that,

Never Say Never: Angela’s Story

Baltimore native Angela had a normal childhood and grew up in a strict household. Like most young girls, Angela dreamed of finding love and having her happy ending. At a young age, Angela witnessed her friends being abused by their boyfriends and vowed to never allow that to happen to

You’re Not Invisible: Jamahl’s Story

Jamahl had always been different. Despite growing up in one of the toughest projects in Philadelphia, he had plenty of opportunities to turn to gangs, drugs, and violence; however, he dared to be different and go a different route. His choice did not come without obstacles: Jamahl grew up being bullied and

REFRESH Sits Down with Singer C. West

Gospel artist C. West took some time to sit down with REFRESH Magazine and share his journey to music and fame with us. From growing up with self-esteem issues to almost choosing not to pursue music, C. West has a testimony that shows us all that God has a specific purpose

3 Times the Charm: Jamel’s Story

Brooklyn native Jamel Mallory grew up in a two-parent home, but he yearned for love from his father, with whom he never always saw eye-to-eye. Seeking this love, Jamel chose to look for it in the streets, which led to him having his first child at sixteen and his second at seventeen. Despite becoming

Surviving Heartbreak: Lydia’s Story

Lydia came from a house affected by divorce and always thought that she would never find herself in a situation where she would have children and raise them in a one-parent home; however, when Lydia become pregnant by her longtime boyfriend, their once fairytale relationship would turn into a nightmare. What

Pursuing Purpose: Ron’s Story

Ron always knew that there was more out there for him than what South Carolina could offer. So when in 2012 when God spoke to Ron to move to Maryland, he did not hesitate. With a few dollars and a dream, Ron took a leap of faith. When Ron arrived, everything