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I Survived: Rashad’s Story

Rashad Corey grew up with one goal in mind--to figure out his purpose in the world. However, without a father in his life to guide him, Rashad began to feel misunderstood and in desperation, he searched for his sexual identity. Seeking help, Rashad reached out to his pastor. What started out

Filling the Void: Nick’s Changed Moment

Nicholas Mason’s life before Christ was one of complete emptiness. Nicholas tried to fill this void with drugs, sex, and partying. Nevertheless, there was always something deep inside of him that made him yearn for more. It was not until he found Jesus that he would finally feel fulfilled. Check out

Transition of the Heart: MyAsia’s Story

MyAsia is a woman of major resilience. Dealing with molestation, abuse, and masturbation from a young age, MyAsia’s upbringing caused her mind to entertain many things that no child should. In the summer of 2011, MyAsia started suffering from heart palpitations and was diagnosed with Atrial Tachycardia. Because of her condition,

Angel Walston: Leap of Faith

Angel Watson, founder of Changed Hearts United, took a grant leap of faith and made the decision of a lifetime. After working a full-time job with a salary, a retirement plan and benefits,  on November 10, 2016 Angel decided to give it all up to follow the path God designed for her. Beginning