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Transition of the Heart: MyAsia’s Story

MyAsia is a woman of major resilience. Dealing with molestation, abuse, and masturbation from a young age, MyAsia’s upbringing caused her mind to entertain many things that no child should. In the summer of 2011, MyAsia started suffering from heart palpitations and was diagnosed with Atrial Tachycardia. Because of her condition,

Angel Walston: Leap of Faith

Angel Watson, founder of Changed Hearts United, took a grant leap of faith and made the decision of a lifetime. After working a full-time job with a salary, a retirement plan and benefits,  on November 10, 2016 Angel decided to give it all up to follow the path God designed for her. Beginning

Love, Unexpectedly: Thompson Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sometimes love will come to you at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected place! That’s what happened to Steve and Anna Thompson, who both joined a singles ministry at their church. What started out as a friendly meeting later turned into a relationship and a marriage!

Joevan J. Palmer: Answering the Call

During his junior year at Winston-Salem State University, Joevan Palmer found himself in the middle of a major identity crisis. While one night in a club, Palmer’s life would start to take a change. When Palmer retweeted a Bible scripture on his phone as he stood in the club, a

JaNae Harrison: Discovering Jesus for Myself

Have you ever felt so empty and tried everything you could to fill a void? That is exactly what happened to JaNae Harrison, founder of Changed Period, during her journey to Christ. JaNae’s journey started as an undergraduate at Hampton University back in 2011. Despite attending church all her life, JaNae

The “REAL” Happy Hour

by Kimberly Sharkey My years in college were coming to an end. I had dreams of being like Robin Givens in the movie “Boomerang”. I wanted to get a high paying job, to dress professionally and to attend Happy Hours after work. I've decided I was moving to Atlanta. I didn't

How God Delivered My Desire For Women

by Kymberli Segarra I was 18-years-old and in my first lesbian relationship. Coming out to everyone in my family, though overwhelming...was a breeze. However, I was instructed not tell my sister. She was a babe in Christian at the time, but the only Christian we had in our family. As I