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4 Books Every Christian Should Read

On a constant basis, Christians are always searching for ways to draw closer to God. Daily devotionals and bible challenges work well in this effort, but books are one way to truly dig deeper into your relationship with Him. Below are four books that will help you draw closer to

Finding Spiritual Identity as a Brazilian

Who are you? What defines you? Those are some questions regarding your identity you have probably heard before. They are related to your beliefs, moral values--- overall, your religion. In this video, Nayara Azevedo tells us about her identity. Like many Brazilians, she grew up in a Catholic family. Although Brazil

Living Alone, Is It the Best Option?

by Érica dos Santos Rios As a foreign student in the United States, one American habit that caught my attention was how common it is for young adults to leave their parents’ house and begin living on their own. Although this habit happens more frequently in Brazil, a majority of Brazilians

Discovering the Ultimate Prayer

P-R-A-Y-E-R- a simple task  that allows one to release, request and resonate with God . When preparing for prayer, many believe it is mandatory to fall to your knees and speak in an elegant tone in order for God to acknowledge you, however, that is far from the truth. God is willing to accept