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Never Underestimate Disobedience

“Don’t underestimate the cost of disobedience.” God charges us to always listen to Him and His instructions; however, we have all been guilty of not always doing what He tells us to do. What we don’t realize is that one simple act of disobedience can turn into the difference between life

Reset Your Focus on God with a Soul Detox

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and situations that come our way, it can be easy to lose your focus on God. Angel Walston also found herself feeling this way, so she decided to be proactive and do something about it. Hence, the Soul Detox. The Soul Detox

How to Discover Your Spirituals Gifts

by Clinton Williams JR Have you ever seen gifts under the Christmas tree and wondered what is inside? Have you ever left those gifts unopened and simply sat them to the side? Well, like those Christmas gifts, we all have special gifts, spiritual gifts, that we are granted as children of