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How Can We Study God’s Word for Ourselves?

Earlier this month, REFRESH Magazine founder Erica Relaford explained how we can properly and effectively read and understand God's word for ourselves. In the video below, Erica takes this topic one step further and explains in depth how we can truly be proactive in our individual study, referencing 1 Timothy

5 Secrets to Soul Winning

Have you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart? If so, that’s great! So, what are you doing with your salvation? That may seem like a weird question; however, a lot of people have the tendency to assume that once they are saved, that this is both the beginning and the

Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life

How do you figure out God’s purpose in your life? Angel Walston of Changed Hearts gives you a few tips and tools on how to do just that! Sharing her testimony on how God brought her to create Changed Hearts, Angel explains how we tend to get in our own

Never Underestimate Disobedience

“Don’t underestimate the cost of disobedience.” God charges us to always listen to Him and His instructions; however, we have all been guilty of not always doing what He tells us to do. What we don’t realize is that one simple act of disobedience can turn into the difference between life