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Pushing Forward: Dontria’s Story

Dontria Larker had your average, everyday childhood until at the age of nine she was molested by a neighborhood friend. This event made it hard for her to trust people. Her life changed once again at the age of seventeen when she found her mother dead in her bedroom in

Salvation of Sorrows: Abby’s Story

Abby Anderson grew up in a fatherless home, which caused her to hate men. The absence of her father caused Abby's life to spiral out control, leading her to be sexually molested and a mother at thirteen. However, it wasn't until she finally decided to listen to God's voice that

Facing Death: Raymond’s Story

Raymond's life was like any other 29-year old when, one day, he began to feel very ill. He tried to take his prescribed medicine, but nothing helped. After having to be rushed to the hospital, he found out that he was suffering from congestive heart failure. While in the hospital,

Never Say Never: Angela’s Story

Baltimore native Angela had a normal childhood and grew up in a strict household. Like most young girls, Angela dreamed of finding love and having her happy ending. At a young age, Angela witnessed her friends being abused by their boyfriends and vowed to never allow that to happen to

You’re Not Invisible: Jamahl’s Story

Jamahl had always been different. Despite growing up in one of the toughest projects in Philadelphia, he had plenty of opportunities to turn to gangs, drugs, and violence; however, he dared to be different and go a different route. His choice did not come without obstacles: Jamahl grew up being bullied and