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Become a Servant

There I was studying at the kitchen table  late at night when the phone rang. It was my sister, asking me to stand up and bring her a glass of water. So, I answered as a lot of us would: "What? Stand up and get it yourself!" Luckily for her, it only

The Importance of a Healthy Mind

What is the main thought in your head this week? Are you worried, stressed out or thinking too much about a situation you shouldn’t be? It doesn’t matter if you are chatting with colleagues from work or watching television at home truth is daily situations influence and determine our thoughts

Anxiety: It’s a Waste of Time!

In Brazil, June is a special month for people that are in love, because we celebrate Valentine’s day on the 12th of this month. However, aside from being the special time I had with my boyfriend, July was also marked the time I spent worrying about the future. I enjoyed

Are You a Child of God?

“We are all children of God!” This idea is really disseminated and accepted here in Brazil. Even people that don’t know the basic attributes of God or the purpose of He sent his son to earth, may believe that this sentence is the truth, but is it really? By Colossians

Finding Spiritual Identity as a Brazilian

Who are you? What defines you? Those are some questions regarding your identity you have probably heard before. They are related to your beliefs, moral values--- overall, your religion. In this video, Nayara Azevedo tells us about her identity. Like many Brazilians, she grew up in a Catholic family. Although Brazil

Living Alone, Is It the Best Option?

by Érica dos Santos Rios As a foreign student in the United States, one American habit that caught my attention was how common it is for young adults to leave their parents’ house and begin living on their own. Although this habit happens more frequently in Brazil, a majority of Brazilians

My Life as a Christian in Brazil

by Erica Rios When you think of Brazil, what comes to mind? In my country, we are famous for soccer, Samba dancing and our main attraction-- the Christ the Redeemer statue. However, some Brazilians are so passionate about these minor attractions that their minds began to revolve around them. The video  you