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How To Get Your Mindset In Check

What normally runs through your mind on a daily basis? Are they Godly thoughts or are they from another place far from God? In the video below, Angel Walston of Changed Hearts gives us a few tips and tricks on how to help obtain a Godly mindset and get rid

Are You On Your Time or God’s Time?

It can be easy for us to go off of our own tangent and try to do things with our own timelines in mind. However, we quickly find out that our timelines aren't always effective or successful. One important part of the Christian walk is to remember that God's time

Are You Distracted?

Distraction is a natural part of life for Christians, but what if that simple distraction would keep us from obtaining what God has for us? Angel Walston of Changed Hearts tackles this topic and gives examples of distraction from the Bible. In the video, Angel discusses some of satan's prime

Why Does God Allow Us to Be Rejected?

Rejection is a horrible thing, and everybody experiences it in some form.  However, what we sometimes fail to realize is that God allows us to be rejected in order to fulfill His plan and follow His purpose! In the video below, Angel Walston of Changed Hearts explains how significant rejection

Should I Be Dating This Person?

Let's face it: being a Christian and trying to date is tough! However, one thing we have, unlike other people in the world, is the gift of the Holy Spirit! So when we are dating someone and find something unsettling about that person in our spirits, we are able to

Finding God’s Purpose for Your Life

How do you figure out God’s purpose in your life? Angel Walston of Changed Hearts gives you a few tips and tools on how to do just that! Sharing her testimony on how God brought her to create Changed Hearts, Angel explains how we tend to get in our own